Don't Give Up

by Corusco

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"Don't Give Up" is the debut EP by Post Grad / Indie Rock band Corusco.


released August 12, 2016

Engineered / Mixed / Mastered by Marco Pisterzi

At the time of recording, Corusco is:

Philip Baugh / Bass
Aaron Gonzalez / Vocals & Guitar
Ryan Corb / Guitar
Daniel Gonzales / Drums



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Corusco Texas

Post-Grad / Indie Rock

Corusco is a band that is quiet, loud, and everything in between.

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Track Name: John Collin
You wear your vices like a crown
You’re far too proud to change your ways
Who are you to decide when I should break?

You tear at skin and lie at night
Awake against the coldest floor
Darling, don’t apologize
I’ve heard this all before

She said, “hold on tight,
We’re so far from home.”
You’re fast asleep.

Just write this off
To this broken clock and empty room

I’ve kept all your letters
Drained clean of any trace of who you once were
So don’t ask why I’m silent
When his arms are wrapped around you

We’re always on the wrong side of time
Avoid all of your fears, run and hide
We’re always on the wrong side of time
Convince me that you’re all right, run away
Track Name: Twin Ghosts
I’m scared of almost everything
I’m scared you know all of my fears
Tell me what it’s like dying alone
In a hospital bed and my hand in yours

We’ve set this fire to guide you back
I never thought my lungs could turn this black
So we’ll cough up tears and sleep on stone
Though the fire’s died out, we’re not alone

Please take me back when it was easier
I’m losing track of every memory inside
If you feel like staying here a while
I’ll leave the porch light on
And leave the door unlocked

I know you’ve been gone a couple weeks
But I heard you’re coming back for Halloween
So I’ll cut some sheets, let’s go as a ghost
Just so you’ll feel more at home

Please take me back when it was easier
I’m losing track of every memory inside
If you feel like staying here a while
Come sleep in my bed

Amadeus, please come back
Track Name: Sugar Cubes
I’ve retraced steps and they led me to where we first met
You taste like pine and move just like a river
Where your leaves have all turned red

You feel like hollowed out memories I’ve tried to burn before
You said, “no one else could love you like I do right now.
I’m giving up.”

I’m finding out that happiness is not what I’d expected
And loneliness is more than a mistake
Maybe it’s okay if I am both of them at once

I’ve learned a lot but I don’t understand
How hearts can hold such sorrow and joy all at once
I’ll never understand the balance or the cure
But I’m listening close to the words of my mother now

There are oceans with no bottom that we all drown in
Foaming with memories
The ships we claim to have mastered have no captain
And lay shattered on the beach

Your teeth are sugar cubes ever dissolving
In this endless sea of caffeine conversation
That leaves us stranded

And wondering if it’s really true
That joy is just a word that we have painted
To compliment our fragile fate
On concrete monuments that only poor men seek

I’ve learned a lot or not enough to know
When life has knocked me down
To dig trenches in the dirt
And I’ll fight like hell to free myself
From shackles of my fear
Or learn to love them
But hate who I’ve become
Track Name: Galveston
We woke up at the sea
With truth in our mouths
With salt in our teeth and in our nose
We sang to the sun

“Talk to the waves
How they are beautiful and then gone”

We tasted the sky
We are bone and breeze and undertow
Eclipsed by the light, my guilt is gone
Cast from the shore

With hope we spoke the dark down from the sky
With love we peeled the fear from both our eyes
Through the space between the stars, we still smile

We’ve found ourselves breaking on the shore
And all these sad songs we’ll sing no more.
And this golden dawn we sink into is brilliant.

We are beautiful
Track Name: Burn Out Loud
I awoke on a bed made of mountains
You spoke like the world could curl around you
You said you wanted to be the water
Flowing through his fingertips and not to bother
Because all the streams had been blocked in

But you know, you’re worth so much more
Don’t you know you’re worth fighting for?
Well you know, you’re worth so much more.
Don’t you know you’re worth fighting for?

I awoke driving through the morning
I saw you glowing gold beneath the sky
I’ll rip the eyelids off the sun
And beg for you to come undone
And see the hilltops, how they all burn out loud

When these promises turn cold
We’ll set fire to our bones
We will all burn gold

I will wipe away these clouds
Our feet will never touch the ground
We will all burn out loud